Tussle between the Congress and Mamta Banerjee – what next ?

It all seems so sudden. The increase in tension between these allies (and they have been allied for a very long time now in some way or the other) is very sudden, and confusing to a number of political observers. After all, it was a match made in heaven. The mercurial state leader, Mamta Banerjee, […]

More trouble for Mamta – hooch tragedy claims more than 150 dead; problems in governance that need to be tackled

Mamta Banerjee came to politics on the crest of a wave for change; this was a wave that totally removed the Left Front from power and brought her to victory with a large margin. With this change, the people of West Bengal put all their faith in the power of Mamta Banerjee to bring a […]

Early trends in the polls – Congress in a leading position, but not really ahead

At this point, the trends in all the regional elections are pretty clear, and some of the expectations are coming true. The states which went to elections were: West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam and Pondicherry. The results in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu were the ones which were most eagerly awaited, because of the […]