The Uttarakhand gamble – the courts are now the decision makers

The current situation in Uttarakhand finally seems to have been resolved, but not in the way that the BJP would have wanted. A situation which looked tricky initially has now become a public relations disaster for the BJP. After the Arunachal Pradesh turnaround where the number of dissidents in the Congress was enough to break […]

Uttarakhand disaster – Rahul Gandhi making a liar out of his own Home Minister ..

Things are getting more confusing. Soon after Narendra Modi paid the affected areas of Uttarakhand a visit (and the whole visit is clouded in controversy, with points about the number of people evacuated, about whether he got only Gujaratis out vs. others, and so on – the BJP has clamped down on any statements about […]

Is India ready for disaster relief ? Seems a bit hard to believe ..

India has many possible disaster areas. The tsunami was one big one, the flooding in Mumbai was another one, the big earthquake in Bhuj was another, hurricanes in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are others, and every time we run into the following situation. Some of these are huge, and they cause an incredible problem in […]