Indian politicians and their utterances against women – when will they learn ..

In the recent past, there has been a lot of media criticism of some of the utterances made by politicians (some of whom were prominent, and some of whom were less prominent), making dismissive points about women, or about the work that women do, and so and so forth. In some cases, the mention was […]

Indian police force – its reputation now in tatters, and yet no reform ..

If you want to read about police reform, you will find an incredible number of articles available on the internet which talk about a case where the Supreme Court asked all the states and the central Government to implement a series of reforms for the police. The Indian police force acts on the basis of […]

Akhikesh Yadav – How to take a huge win and then trash it ..the SP in Uttar Pradesh

No one would have predicted what happened in the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, although hopeful SP party men would have dreamed about toppling the Mayawati Government and putting ‘netaji’ (Mulayam Singh Yadav) back in power. The principal national parties, the Congress and the BJP, would have been sure that they cannot jump ahead of […]