Finally concluded – the saga of Devyani Khobragade

How quickly items can vanish from the news and from consciousness. The controversy over the Devyani arrest in New York was literally front page news for a month, and during this time, it seemed that the United States and India are adversaries, what with the amount of analysis of various actions taken by the authorities […]

Climate deal brokered by some of the countries at Copenhagen

After so much media attention, finally “some sort of deal” was struck in Copenhagen. But you can imagine the constraints in reaching a conclusion: 1. The science for Climate change is such that there will always be doubters, and unfortunately, the best proof will be only available when the effects of climate change will truly […]

Nuclear issue over Iran – another attempt at dialogue

The nuclear ambitions of Iran well known, and the attempts by some of the significant world powers to stop these nuclear efforts (mostly in a futile effort) are also well known by now. Iran has most likely done the calculation that it will be able to pursue its nuclear quest through a measure of playing […]