The National Herald Case and Congress protests in Parliament

This post is not about details of the National Herald Case and the intricate details of the case. That has been covered in every media outlet in detail, something that this post would never be able to cover. In brief, the National Herald case was about a corporate strategy, where the National Herald, a newspaper […]

Action against Jagan – what was the logic behind the Congress move

For quite some time now, Jagan has been a huge thorn in the flesh of the Congress in the state of Andhra Pradesh, a state that shifted over to the Congress in the last Lok Sabha elections and the state assembly. Given the tenuous position of the Congress in the Lok Sabha and its performance […]

Khap panchayat leader and others convicted of heinous murder, no major impact on policemen who did not do their duties

Khap panchayats are a curse on many areas of North India. In rural areas, these caste ‘panchayats’ would comprise of the caste elders, while they were not constituted under any law or any legal structure. Under some arcane beliefs, these would meet and then bring the alleged offenders in front of them. And what was […]