Finally the state of Telanga is set to be created ..

But the amount of chaos that resulted was horrific, and there are 2 views on all this mayhem. Either this was done by deliberate action to get the Congress to take credit for the creation of Telangana and yet to have sections of Congress to also claim in the Seemandhra region that they fought the […]

The mess over Telangana continues – Andhra assembly rejects Bill …

The mess over Telangana continues. The proposal for the creation of Telangana has been on for several years now, and the Congress approvals for the entire process has been confused right from the beginning. In the beginning, soon after the fast by its leading proponent, the Congress Government gave in-principle approval for the formation of […]

The Telangana problem – how much more can the Congress mishandle ?

Looking at the mess of Telangana, one would be mistaken for thinking that India has not had a division of a state before. But consider the following. A large poor state (with some horrible leadership that almost took everybody in the state to an equal poverty level) was faced with the demands to split off […]