The fury of the righteous – what happens when it turns on itself

The Tarun Tejpal affair is dominating the media during the current week, and the biggest anticipation is about when he will be arrested (he has reached Goa, and has got bail till the morning, so arrest after that is expected). It almost seems like a festival, except that it is a dead serious issue. The […]

The fuss about Tarun Tejpal and sexual harassment ..

Sexual harassment is a problem the world over, and seems to be more so in societies that are culturally more male-oriented (and India fits perfectly in that description – a society that is male oriented and where women who work or otherwise step out of their homes can be in some amount of danger). Over […]

The conviction of Bangaru Laxman – one rare case

The saying in India is that there is no politician who is ever convicted of corruption. Of course, once in a while, this dictum is broken, but almost all of the time, there is no punishment for corruption that is lasting. Even if a lower court does provide some amount of corruption, the conviction is […]