Exit polls for states – Assam, Tamil Nadu, Bengal, Kerala and Puducherry

In India, the electoral scene has got so tough over the years that state polls are seen as a barometer of how well the political parties are doing. So, before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP was winning in the elections held in states months before the national elections, and it was as a […]

Tamil Nadu – Governance in serious problem with absentee chief minister

Tamil Nadu has been a 2 party state, with no other party getting anywhere near being able to challenge any of the 2 major parties. The BJP is struggling to make a mark in the state, but it seems a long way to go right now. Even the Congress, which used to hold a strong […]

The row over Vishwaroopam comes to an end – but is the end ?

So, after some delay, the movie is going to be released. Kamal Haasan got into a dialog with the organizations that were looking for a change in the movie (the removal of a few scenes), and finally the issue was resolved with the actor agreeing to the changes and hence the movie would now be […]