Freedom of Speech is Freedom of Speech

The supreme court of India has struck down the controversial Section 66A of the Information Technology Act as unconstitutional. This is a welcome decision.

This is one such judicial case on top of other millions, that the courts are spending their precious time on. The ruling is an eventual reprieve, but does it really need […]

Democracy and the marginalisation of its institutions

It is trite to emphasise that for proper and healthy functioning of democracy, the major institutions, that build up this edifice mankind by and large have come to consider nearly the best way to organise themselves politically, must work in a cohesive manner. They must also work with mutual appreciation of their individual spaces configured […]

Getting back black money of Indians from overseas: Who is serious ?

The concept of getting back black money deposited by Indian abroad is an old concept. Most research and studies predict that Indians have a large amount of black money abroad, located in different places (although most people talk about Switzerland as the place where there is a lot of Indian black money). Why is this […]