Arvind Kejriwal shaking up things – but will this make a difference ?

You know when the Congress party trots out Digvijay Singh to take on somebody who is attacking the party, that it is time for the party to take to the offensive in a way of challenging the credentials of the attacker. It is the point at which the party gives up on using its traditional […]

Political crisis in Maharashtra – Ajit Pawar resigns, but gives hard blows to his uncle

A typical phrase defining the current situation would be, ‘young lion trying to kick the old lion out’. This seems to be what finally happened in the NCP, and the turmoil it caused in the politics of Maharashtra. For the Congress, the NCP is a good ally. As long as you do not get in […]

Exit of Mamta Banerjee from the UPA – a done deal ?

Finally, the Congress overcomes some of the policy paralysis that it was facing, and started on the path of reform, using some steps that it could take without going to Parliament. So, it declared a shock one day by raising the price of diesel by Rs. 5, and even before people could even realize that […]