Why Capitalism has not won even 25 years after Cold War?

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It has been 25 years since the largest enemy of capitalism fell, yet Capitalism is practiced in three World countries but consider to be difficult to politically project, why? The Communist Party of India searched the World for foreign investment […]

Increase of prices on diesel and cooking gas – financial reform ?

For some time now, there has been a lot of pressure on the Government to take steps that demonstrate financial reform. These are in many varied areas such as allowing increased foreign investment in the pension sector, in airlines; allowing 100% foreign ownership in retail, reform in labour sector, and in reform of the petroleum […]

Fuel rates and the abandonment of populism to some degree by the Indian Government, but will this last

Finally, the Government seems to have taken a decision to move away from populism. The Government is drunk on the money that it earns from fuel, since it needs to provide funds for all the social welfare programs that it has launched, so there is no question of a reduction in fuel duty and excise […]