The whole drama about reservations for Muslims and its politics – primarily in Uttar Pradesh

For the past few days, in addition to the many caste calculations going on in the UP electoral scene, there is another twist that has been added to the whole discourse. This is related to political parties trying to attract the Muslim vote and what they can do for it. Now, getting support from a […]

State Assembly Elections : The new women CMs

The recent state elections threw in two women CM with decisive mandate – Ms. Mamata Bannerjee and Ms. Jayalalitha. A mandate that is absolute and conclusive and has the people’s will and of course expectation. The CMs have hit the road in style. Their performance in the next five years remains to be seen. Looking […]

Bihar goes the governance way, thrashing the RJD and the Congress

For around 2 decades now, Bihar has seemed as the basket case of India, with a low level of development, a crisis of governance, a crippled law and order situation, and the lack of political will to make changes. When Laloo Prasad Yadav came to power, he was like an emergence of the downtrodden castes […]