Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal – final split ?

Ever since Anna Hazare and the people around him, which included Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi hit the headlines in 2011 during the entire agitation for Jan Lokpal, they have been one of the most discussed people on TV. When you look at politicians who get airtime (even if it is to report stuff against […]

The clash in Andhra Pradesh between the Congress command structure and Jaganmohan Reddy

Even a couple of months back, who would have visualized that the situation in Andhra Pradesh would come to this. In the Congress, the High Command (leading upto the Gandhi family in New Delhi) is the supreme, and there is absolutely no chance for anyone to oppose their decisions (or even hint at defiance of […]

Amar Singh separates from the the Samajwadi Party

It was an odd combination earlier, since they are 2 different people entirely. Mulayam Singh is a die-hard Samajwadi who came up in the tough world of politics, building up his power and reputation step by step, bolstered by backward class politics. On the other hand, Amar Singh is the Rajput, the wheeler-dealer, the person […]