The Congress Party after its decimation in May 2014 – What next ?

This is a topic that has seemingly come up many times after the election results, the future of the Congress party. It is something hard to write about, given that there have already been so many discussions, debated and media articles about this one. However, for now, the party seems to have warded off any […]

Books highlighting the internal problems in the Congress Government

In the current elections for Parliament in 2014, all the opinion polls have projected that the BJP is going pretty strong and might be reaching a point where it could get a majority in terms of the alliance, the NDA. These polls have also projected that the Congress is going down pretty badly, and might […]

More and more talk about the Congress getting tired of Manmohan Singh, but …

For a long time, Manmohan Singh was an asset to the Congress. He stood for the values of efficiency, being a technocrat, and most obviously, not being a politician. There was some amount of wonder at the problem about how he was going to handle the allies and other political problems that the Congress parties […]