Vasundhra Raje – can the BJP successfully defend her

Something that seemed difficult just a few days back is suddenly real now, and all this because Vasundhra Raje is driving a strong case of political blackmail. All the revelations about Vasundhra Raje seemed to put the BJP on a backfoot, and there was the thought that at some point or the other, she would […]

The JPC report – as expected, the Prime Minister and Finance Minister are pure as snow ..

Was this why the opposition (primarily the BJP) struggled to keep Parliament on the boil for so long ? It was primarily the BJP which had created a furore in Parliament to setup a Joint Parliamentary Committee to get the 2G scam investigated. And this was surprising, since in the past, the various JPC’s that […]

Finally Madhu Koda is arrested – Took its own sweet time

It is very rare that politicians in India are arrested for the corruption that they commit. If you have relatives or friends in Government, especially if they are in a senior position, then you can be fairly easily convinced that every politician is on the take (except for the few – for example, both Manohan […]