The Lokpal Bill in Parliament – passes the Lok Sabha, fails in the Rajya Sabha

All through the progress of the Lokpal debate that happened this year, there was a strong feeling – can such a law ever come to pass ? Can a law which has been pushed for 43 years now actually come into force, even if it was not as strong as one would have wished ? […]

The Anna protest causing the Congress to respond with confusion. What next ?

I am right now watching TV, and there is this huge demonstration ongoing at India Gate, with people gathered there in large numbers. These are people demonstrating in favor of Anna Hazare, but in actuality, they are protesting against corruption that is widespread right now. It is not the huge amounts of corruption that is […]

Ongoing confrontation between the Government and everybody else over corruption – who will win ?

The last few days have seen major events happening in India, events that could herald major changes in how India allows its citizens to express its opinions. They have also exposed a Government that is so weighted down by corruption that it is like a rubber band that has been pushed down and down, and […]