The strange case of getting arrested for making a non-offensive Facebook post in Maharashtra

This was a case that had shocked India, and galvanized pressure from the media and from the online community, and also highlighted a significant number of problems. Disclosures from the case have been coming even now, although it has been weeks and continue to raise concern. By now, a number of urban people would have […]

Akali leader in Punjab arrested for shooting dead a police officer who opposed eve-teasing

The problem of eve-teasing in this country is incredible. Over a period of time, instead of girls and women feeling safe in the country, things have got worse. There have been these cases where girls have been stalked and then raped and killed, or otherwise harassed. One would expect that this would be a matter […]

Current India’s Picture – Root Cause Analysis in a Soft Engineer’s language

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Today when I was driving down my way back from office to home, on a square the traffic police wasn’t present and people were driving crazily just to reach their home 2 minutes early. […]