The Modi Government and turn towards the right – Public support ?

It cannot be disputed that over the years, there is a feeling of detachment among many Hindus, that inspite of being the majority community, the Government of the day tilts towards the minority community in terms of various statements and actions. Now, this is a very sensitive topic, since if you look at social standards […]

BJP continues to steam-roll its way, but ….

The BJP is on a roll. After the Lok Sabha elections exceeded probably even the normal expectations of the BJP leadership, it would seem that the party had proved that Modi was the vote-getter, the mascot, the one who would drive the aspirations of the BJP. The subsequent state elections proved this further, with the […]

BJP and Advani: The whole drama about the resignation ..

Who would have thought that the situation would come to this. Even when there was a lot of discussion during the Goa conclave of the BJP regarding the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi becoming the Chairman of the whatever committee of the BJP, it seemed like scripted drama. And then the controversy that grabbed headlines […]