Land acquisition – Government as a land broker

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If you had a chance to venture into the suburbs of major cities looking for a piece of land – you would have had an opportunity to see that anyone without […]

The struggling economy and the challenges for the UPA

We remember those times a few years back when the economy was growing at rates of around 8-9%, and there was a lot of talk of India catching up and maybe over-taking China in terms of growth rates, even though the size of the economy was still very different. However, over the past few years, […]

The BSP pushes for the bill for reservations in promotion, SP objects, Government clueless

In politics, they say, nothing comes free. And so the Government keeps on discovering. Right now, the biggest necessity for the Government was to ensure that the vote for FDI in Parliament is supportive of the UPA. The allies of the UPA (such as the DMK, and a few other smaller allies) are tied to […]