Slowdown in economic growth, increase in export-import mismatch and falling rupee – What is the Government doing ?

There was a recent report on a slowdown in growth, and it really scared people. The statistic on growth in the quarter of Jan – March 2012 showed that this growth was slowing down, being only 5.3% for this quarter, leading to a growth rate of 6.5% for the overall year. And then there was […]

Economic condition of India going downhill, with the Government sitting by and letting it happen ..

Major economies such as countries in Europe and the United States are going through a major upheaval, with a strange combination of low rates of economic growth, low interest rates, as well as high deficits. These high deficits have prompted pushes for austerity measures and other means of reducing the debts; which is contrary to […]

Inflation Nation – a huge problem not being addressed

Anyone who goes to his local grocery store in the corner of the street realizes that the cost of basic food and vegetables have gone up many folds in recent months. The story is similar in almost all commodities across the various segment of people. Unfortunately it affects the poor people more than the rich […]