The JPC report – as expected, the Prime Minister and Finance Minister are pure as snow ..

Was this why the opposition (primarily the BJP) struggled to keep Parliament on the boil for so long ? It was primarily the BJP which had created a furore in Parliament to setup a Joint Parliamentary Committee to get the 2G scam investigated. And this was surprising, since in the past, the various JPC’s that […]

Ensuring that lack of sanction does not stop corruption cases against Government officials – Judgement by the Supreme Court

The Government has a number of laws against corruption on the books; if implemented in a proper way, they should be enough to ensure that corruption levels go down. However, when the investigating arms of the Government (such as the CBI, ED, etc) are forced by the Government to behave in a certain way, then […]

2G scam continues to haunt the Government – SC asks why PM did not follow through

The 2G scam continues to haunt the Congress party. For quite some time, the Congress evaded that there was any issue with the 2G scam issue, claimed that this was a policy decision (with the honorable purpose of reducing the telecom rates), that the CAG was off its rocker, that the Supreme Court had no […]