Rahul Gandhi and his sabbatical – impact on the Congress

Well, the Congress party hoped that there will be no impact, and that within a couple of weeks, things will roll over and everything will be fine. So far, maybe things are going even worse. After the initial set of sniggering and ridicule, nobody seems to care as to how long Rahul Gandhi is gone […]

The Congress Party after its decimation in May 2014 – What next ?

This is a topic that has seemingly come up many times after the election results, the future of the Congress party. It is something hard to write about, given that there have already been so many discussions, debated and media articles about this one. However, for now, the party seems to have warded off any […]

Priyanka Gandhi and her campaign – positive or negative for Congress

For those who do not remember, in the initial years when it was not clear as to whether it would be Priyanka Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi who would be the heir apparent, the pendulum seemed to be swinging towards Priyanka Gandhi. And then suddenly, Rahul Gandhi came into the forefront, to be the heir apparent […]