Sanjay Dutt asks for more time before surrendering – would be unfair to other victims to grant him time

Sanjay Dutt had been given a time of 30 days as part of the sentencing by the Supreme Court; this was the time period required for the convicted in the Bombay Blast case to surrender and start serving the sentence. The date required for him to surrender before the court is April 18, and this […]

A greater push against drunken driving – the law tightening the screws on offenders

In the wester countries (and in many of the countries in Asia such as Singapore and Hong Kong), there are huge pressures that prevent drunken driving. Drunken driving is treated as a crime that can bring in severe penalties on the person who is accused of the crime, and is justified by the fact that […]

Massive loss in awarding of broadcast rights for CWG games – why no oversight ?

Ever since the activities for the Commonwealth Games in terms of preparation started, there were a number of media reports highlighting the sorry state of preparation, and even more significantly, the corruption involved in the whole process. A lot of the media reports were focused on the various scams effected by Suresh Kalmadi and his […]