Manmohan Singh and the summons over Coalgate – Hindalco case

“Be you ever so high, law is above you”. Sometimes a saying can capture the concept of law and justice like no case can. It is a popular saying that law is supreme, that nobody is above the law. This has been proven in many countries where the high and mighty have been felled by […]

The BJP under Narendra Modi – shades of Indira Gandhi

Parties pledging their all to a single leader is not new in the Indian context. Most parties in India have strong leaders, and it is actually true that most smaller parties in India are actually fiefdoms of families. So, the Samajwadi Party is essentially led by the family members of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Laloo Prasad […]

Congress election pitch – will not formally announce Rahul as PM candidate

For the past many days, there was a feverish build-up going on for the date of 17th January, 2014; this is the date at which the Congress will have a large session. The expectation from this session was that because of the oncoming Lok Sabha elections (expected within the next few months), the Congress will […]