Tamil Nadu – Governance in serious problem with absentee chief minister

Tamil Nadu has been a 2 party state, with no other party getting anywhere near being able to challenge any of the 2 major parties. The BJP is struggling to make a mark in the state, but it seems a long way to go right now. Even the Congress, which used to hold a strong […]

The collapse of hope – Akhilesh Yadav in Uttar Pradesh

After covering yesterday the hope that Mamta Banerjee had raised in the people of Bengal and the way that she has gone about arrogantly crushing that hope made me realize that there are others who came in with a lot of hope, and who have steadily been crushing the hope that people have in them. […]

Politicians losing their way – Mamta Banerjee ..

It can be sometimes hard to look at a disaster happening and wonder why that disaster is happening, and yet it continues to happen; in a number of cases, it seems like because of the arrogance of one person – in most cases, it is one person rather than a group. This starting line seems […]