Indian politicians and their utterances against women – when will they learn ..

In the recent past, there has been a lot of media criticism of some of the utterances made by politicians (some of whom were prominent, and some of whom were less prominent), making dismissive points about women, or about the work that women do, and so and so forth. In some cases, the mention was […]

Introducing the ‘new’ Dilli : Badmizaaz, Badtameez, and Besharam.

Over the years, Delhi has been known and associated to various figures. From being Lord Krishna’s Delhi on the banks of Yamuna, Prithviraj Chauhan’s Delhi, The Mughal Dynasty’s Delhi it has finally changed and metamorphed into Today’s Delhi. Delhi of the 21st Century. So, I introduce to you, today’s Delhi, summed up in only three […]

Akali leader in Punjab arrested for shooting dead a police officer who opposed eve-teasing

The problem of eve-teasing in this country is incredible. Over a period of time, instead of girls and women feeling safe in the country, things have got worse. There have been these cases where girls have been stalked and then raped and killed, or otherwise harassed. One would expect that this would be a matter […]