Rahul Gandhi and his sabbatical – impact on the Congress

Well, the Congress party hoped that there will be no impact, and that within a couple of weeks, things will roll over and everything will be fine. So far, maybe things are going even worse. After the initial set of sniggering and ridicule, nobody seems to care as to how long Rahul Gandhi is gone […]

What will Nitish Kumar do in terms of alliance in Bihar ?

As a practical matter, Nitish Kumar has only a couple of options as we move forward and go toward the Lok Sabha elections (the next elections in Bihar are so far away that there is no need to think about it now). Nitish Kumar built his image as a person who would bring out Bihar […]

What does the vote base of the AAP mean ?

This is probably one of the most argued issue in Indian politics, with a variety of opinion as to what the emergence of the AAP means. Politicians and analysts of all kinds have ventured their opinion on the rise of the AAP and the current decimation of the Congress in Delhi. For those who are […]