Democracy and the marginalisation of its institutions

It is trite to emphasise that for proper and healthy functioning of democracy, the major institutions, that build up this edifice mankind by and large have come to consider nearly the best way to organise themselves politically, must work in a cohesive manner. They must also work with mutual appreciation of their individual spaces configured […]

The Election Commission announces the date for 2014 elections ..

Finally, something that everybody has been waiting for finally came to be. The elections will be spread across multiple phases, as many as 9 phases, starting from the 7th of April and going upto the 12th May 2014. This is a mega election, with the scale not seen in any other country in the world. […]

India needs a Fox

Social networking is still considered to be a bane for crowd-sourced anti-establishment movements in some Islamic/Dictatorial countries, but in India however, the over-reaching power of the liberal media more than makes up for this.

When the rape of the 23-year-old student from Delhi occurred 10 days ago, the simmer had reached to a boil and […]