Aadhar – will it continue after the court order ?

This is something that has me terribly confused. And when I try to make sense out of it, the conclusion that comes out of the whole Aadhar affair is that somebody (or a number of people) in the Government apparently did not do their homework properly. And since the Government has projected that the total […]

The Election Commission announces the date for 2014 elections ..

Finally, something that everybody has been waiting for finally came to be. The elections will be spread across multiple phases, as many as 9 phases, starting from the 7th of April and going upto the 12th May 2014. This is a mega election, with the scale not seen in any other country in the world. […]

Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) – The Game Changer for the Congress ?

A couple of years back, the Congress led UPA Government was in the midst of trying to ensure that there were a number of schemes that would be seen as pro-poor, and would help the Congress party earn brownie points and bragging rights. This would help to ensure that a chunk of voters would be […]