Finally the Supreme Court stops indiscriminate arrests over online posts ..

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of controversy over the stand of the police with regard to the comments of people on social networks. Could you imagine that a Tweet that you sent, or a comment that you made in a Facebook post, or even liking another post, seemingly innocuous actions, […]

Delhi 5 year old child rape case – enquiry confirms that police offered Rs. 2000 to close the case

When a major case happens, the first major step of the police is to try and keep the case under wraps so that there are no aspersions cast on them. This gets increased when it is clear that they could have done far more, and the quest is to somehow ensure that the family involved […]

The push for making harder laws whenever there is a heinous crime ..

At the time of the Nirbhaya gang-rape crime in December, because of the huge public pressure and the constant focus of the media, there was a push for making more strict laws to punish such offenders. The idea of having the death penalty in the case of rape was pushed strongly, as that would serve […]