The sad state of police independence / official investigations and corruption

This is a depressing story. Once in a while you hear about a young idealist officer who decides to take action against corruption, against illegal activities, and so on, and then goes down valiantly fighting, with the system being against him / her. If this was a movie, then the official or police officer could […]

Arvind Kejriwal partly fulfills some of his promises, but a long way ahead

As part of the promises made by the Aam Aadmi party, one can classify these promises into several parts: – Move away from the high status that politicians typically assume once they are elected – high security, lavish government housing, and so on. – Give relief to the population from the apparently high prices of […]

Murder, investigation, police and the CBI – too many problems …

The Arushi murder case was finally decided by a court, 5 years after the twin murders of Arushi and the family servant, Hemraj. If there ever was to be a book published on how not to run a murder enquiry, this case can fill in many chapters in the book, and because of the incredible […]