India Consumer: Banks levying charge on pre-payment

You have a loan from a regular private sector bank, and your loan is for a 15 year period. Most people I know, including you, will not want to have the loan continuing for the full period of the loan, and would rather do prepayments as much as possible. However, banks apparently charge an interest […]

Consumer: DDA fined Rs. 50,000 for delay in giving possession of a flat

The Delhi Development Authority had developed a huge number of flats in the Indian capital, and settled large sections of the capital (as per its mandate). However, experiences of people vary in terms of the customer-friendly nature of the Authority. For example, the Authority has been known to delay in handing over properties, land, and […]

Drinking and driving: how to check the problem

Drinking and driving is a universal problem, with different countries having different ways of checking / controlling this habit. A sizable percentage of accidents are known to happen after drinking and driving, and countries have different levels of enforcement about this habit. So, for example, if you take the case of countries such as Singapore […]