The BSP pushes for the bill for reservations in promotion, SP objects, Government clueless

In politics, they say, nothing comes free. And so the Government keeps on discovering. Right now, the biggest necessity for the Government was to ensure that the vote for FDI in Parliament is supportive of the UPA. The allies of the UPA (such as the DMK, and a few other smaller allies) are tied to […]

Sanctity of the parliament and the democratic process

Towards the end of August last year, a large section of articulate India, partly whetted with the saturation coverage by electronic media, was waiting with bated breath to see the outcome of the indefinite fast undertaken by Anna Hazare in Delhi demanding acceptance by the parliament of a time-bound commitment to pass an […]

The Coalgate scam and the attack on the Prime Minister and the CAG

As expected, there was going to be a storm in politics once the CAG report on the Coal Scam was going to be presented in Parliament. There was a foretaste earlier in the year when there was a leaked draft report of the CAG on the same issue that was available to the media and […]