Political Activity and Government Efficiency

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For most democratic countries in the world, it is a norm to keep bureaucracy and military, apart from a host of other bodies like Election Commission, Parliamentary or Experts panels, etc apolitical. This, despite them generally urging its citizens to […]

Finally the state of Telanga is set to be created ..

But the amount of chaos that resulted was horrific, and there are 2 views on all this mayhem. Either this was done by deliberate action to get the Congress to take credit for the creation of Telangana and yet to have sections of Congress to also claim in the Seemandhra region that they fought the […]

The Supreme Court decision on Section 377 – not in keeping with the times ..

The position on homosexuality is controversial the world-over, with religious feelings causing different reactions in different countries. For countries that are deeply inspired by Christian or Islamic thought, homosexuality is against the order of nature, and homosexuals can be prosecuted. Homosexuals are prosecuted in countries such as Saudi Arabia, since these countries are governed by […]