Congress stock taking – Sonia Gandhi reposes full faith and confidence in Manmohan Singh

Well, if there is such a thing as an expected headline, this was the one. At the Congress CWC meeting, the expected took place. The Congress chief, mindful of the recent attacks on the Prime Minister due to the coal allocation issue (problems surfacing from a time when the coal ministry was being led by […]

The BJP’s failure to capitalize on the problems of the Congress, will it ever be seen as an alternative ?

Consider the fact that the Government is seen as gripped by policy paralysis, there is a reduction in the growth rate of the economy, and the Congress has been steadily losing state elections, and even seen in a problematic position in municipal elections in major cities in states ruled by the Congress. One would have […]

The Government backs down on FDI – a flawed approach

The Congress has done it again. For many months now, the Government has been publicly criticized for not taking any initiatives, for causing a paralysis that is slowing the process for reform in the country and combined with the harsh interest rates being set by the RBI (in order to try and fight inflation, without […]