The mess about the Italian naval guards – total screw-up by the UPA Government

First steps – Kerala is a very delicate state for the Congress. The state delivers a very tight verdict in assembly elections, and if the past trends are anything to go by, it is the turn of the Left parties to get more seats in Kerala (since a Congress led front is in power in […]

Akali leader in Punjab arrested for shooting dead a police officer who opposed eve-teasing

The problem of eve-teasing in this country is incredible. Over a period of time, instead of girls and women feeling safe in the country, things have got worse. There have been these cases where girls have been stalked and then raped and killed, or otherwise harassed. One would expect that this would be a matter […]

Crisis in the Kerala CPM – fight between old rivals picks up over a murder

The Kerala CPM party has been in the throes of an ugly rivalry for some time now, and it is a very unique rivalry. On one side is the vote getter and very popular leader of the party, Achuthanandan, who is now in his late 80’s. He is the the known face of the party […]