Building collapse in Thane, more than 70 people dead – Corruption as usual

This is one of the incidents that causes shame and shock, but the bigger shame for India is that we forget this soon after, and more important, do not learn any lessons from such an incident (I would never call this an accident, since this was almost like a deliberate step, with a series of […]

Delhi collapses after 4 hours of rain

Be careful what you wish for ! Delhi and North India were bereft of rain during the first month of the rainy season. A bit about why Delhi is special. This is a city that is supposed to become a world class city, a city that will host the Commonwealth Games. It is the city […]

Use SMS to file complaints in the Pimpri-Chinchwad area

Municipal authorities have always been accused of being slow to adapt to modern technology, but now it seems that they are catching up to modern technology and adoption of the same so that their consumers find it easier to file complaints and interact with the municipal authorities. Consider this case of the municipal corporation of […]