Kedarnath, Mumbai, Chennai – when will we wake up ?

It could be climate change, it could be that we are facing the once in a 100 years kind of flood, whatever be the exact reason, parts of India keep on facing one mega climate extremity after another. The cyclones we see that hit the east coast from time to time, as well as earthquakes, […]

Mumbai rains – excuse season again

It’s funny. When you have a deluge which exposes the shortcomings of the preparation by the Municipal Commission, the common argument made by them about any sort of accounting is that this is not the right time to discuss what the problem is. And when the problem tides over and the damage is done, then […]

The saga about the cartoonist – the High Court intervenes

For some time now, there has been a lot of discourse about cartoons and their perspective within the Indian space. So, some time back, there was a huge uproar over a cartoon, many decades old, and accepted by the political leaders of newly independent India, which was not accepted any more by the current leaders […]