Finally the cabinet expansion and reshuffle taken place – minimum government ?

When the Modi Government came to power, the country had been totally disgusted with the going-ons in the Congress years during the UPA rule. People were selected to be ministers based on their influence and their power, guided by the decision making exercised by the Gandhi family. The revelation of the Nadia tapes just highlighted […]

PM Modi – India’s Frequent Flyer

The Indian Prime minister has been going around the world quite a lot since he took over. In general, the Indian media portray him positively. There is an illusion that the country cannot prosper without the foreign investments, and they can come in only if the PM reaches out to them in their country and […]

Lalit Modi – Second part of the drama – 5 years later – Bad for the BJP

A lot of drama relating to Lalit Modi, currently drawing in Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhra Raje. The last time that such a drama occurred was during the UPA time, when drama relating to the Kerala IPL team sucked in Shashi Tharoor and Lalit Modi; Shashi Tharoor lost his ministership, and Lalit Modi was forced to […]