The drama continues in Karnataka, Governor seems to lose support

The heading of this article seems to suggest that the Governor is the primary villain of the piece, but that is not entirely true. The Governor of the state of Karnataka, H R Bhardwaj, has behaved in a most inappropriate manner; over the past many months, he would comment on the internal state of the […]

The sudden crisis in the Karnataka BJP, with needing to seek a vote of confidence

The BJP Government in Karnataka is one of their most prized governments, since this is a southern state and the BJP was for a long time frozen our of the southern states. Even now, the BJP is really not a force to reckon with in the state in the southern part of India, given that […]

New developments in Jharkand – the BJP and Soren make up

In a reminder of how politics works in the country, 2 political entities that bitterly broke up with each other over 3 months ago are now announcing that they are back together with each other, with the public statements that this is for the good of the people. What has happened in Jharkand ? Well, […]