Dealing with the Chinese – diplomacy and some amount of hard talk ..

Whenever it comes to dealing with China, there is always the concept that India always seems in reactive mode to whatever China did, almost in fear mode; atleast that is whatever the public message goes. Chinese troops come into Indian territory a long way, and the Government, in a public display of surrender, talks about […]

Chinese incursions into Ladakh – should the Government take a stronger stand ?

First of all, there is an element of surprise in the entire matter in respect of the way in which the Government has allowed highlighting of the entire matter. The news was allowed to float out about Chinese incursions, the way in which the Ladakh Scout moving near the Chinese tents was highlighted, all of […]

Anti Maoist operations – UAVs to be used to gather information

The Government, for the past several years, has been stating that the Maoist problem is a severe problem, and the ‘Red’ corridor that the naxalites have set up in the central section of the country means that there are large areas of the country where Government officials do not set foot. However, at the same […]