Supreme Court grants bail to Binayak Sen, seems to think that the conviction for sedition not correct

The recent conviction of the left-leaning Doctor, Binayak Sen, by a court in Chhattisgarh for sedition, and for helping Maoists in their efforts to overthrow the power of the state has always been controversial. For his supporters, the legal evidence that helped to get him convicted was nebulous, and not on firm legal ground; in […]

Exposing Indian Maoists : Part – 1

( Let me make one thing clear…..the objective of writing this article is not defending any activity of Indian govt, but to focus on Indian Maoists. They are largely potrayed as a group fighting for the legitimate rights of Adivashis. But here I discussed some unknown, or atleast less-known aspects of Maoist movement in India. […]

Anti Maoist operations – UAVs to be used to gather information

The Government, for the past several years, has been stating that the Maoist problem is a severe problem, and the ‘Red’ corridor that the naxalites have set up in the central section of the country means that there are large areas of the country where Government officials do not set foot. However, at the same […]