The last press conference by the PM, Manmohan Singh – please fill in the blanks

Remarkably, in the past 10 years, this was only the 3rd press conference that the PM has had, and even otherwise when you consider that India has a raucous democracy and an active media, the press interactions that the PM has had have been extremely limited, and yet these have been accepted as fine. But […]

Congress strategy against Modi – A challenge and changing strategy

The Congress is still fighting the fight – the fight is not only the presence of Modi and his attacks on the Congress all over the country, but also about the right strategy of how to attack Modi. This strategy is where the Congress is really still trying to figure out how best to get […]

More and more talk about the Congress getting tired of Manmohan Singh, but …

For a long time, Manmohan Singh was an asset to the Congress. He stood for the values of efficiency, being a technocrat, and most obviously, not being a politician. There was some amount of wonder at the problem about how he was going to handle the allies and other political problems that the Congress parties […]