Manmohan Singh and the summons over Coalgate – Hindalco case

“Be you ever so high, law is above you”. Sometimes a saying can capture the concept of law and justice like no case can. It is a popular saying that law is supreme, that nobody is above the law. This has been proven in many countries where the high and mighty have been felled by […]

Books highlighting the internal problems in the Congress Government

In the current elections for Parliament in 2014, all the opinion polls have projected that the BJP is going pretty strong and might be reaching a point where it could get a majority in terms of the alliance, the NDA. These polls have also projected that the Congress is going down pretty badly, and might […]

The legacy of Manmohan Singh – the Congress will make him the scapegoat

Manmohan Singh has has one of the longest runs as the Prime Minister of India, next only to Nehru and Indira Gandhi. For somebody who has led the country over a period of 10 years, and with a huge list of impeccable credentials, one would have expected that MM Singh would not have had to […]