The Third Front – How likely does it seem ?

Every few years, there is discussion of a third front, or sometimes that of a fourth front. This is a front of parties that seek to be independent of the Congress or the BJP and are mostly regional parties, focused on one state or at the most a region. There have been Governments like this […]

Exit of Mamta Banerjee from the UPA – a done deal ?

Finally, the Congress overcomes some of the policy paralysis that it was facing, and started on the path of reform, using some steps that it could take without going to Parliament. So, it declared a shock one day by raising the price of diesel by Rs. 5, and even before people could even realize that […]

Start and stop reform process: Mamta stops the pension bill attempt once again ..

For the past months (and even years), the present Government has been in a policy stupor. After the exposure of scams of various types and the battering of the reputation of the Government, there is a fear of taking major policy announcements for fear of attracting unwanted attention. So, some time ago, there were reports […]