The strange case of getting arrested for making a non-offensive Facebook post in Maharashtra

This was a case that had shocked India, and galvanized pressure from the media and from the online community, and also highlighted a significant number of problems. Disclosures from the case have been coming even now, although it has been weeks and continue to raise concern. By now, a number of urban people would have […]

Political crisis in Maharashtra – Ajit Pawar resigns, but gives hard blows to his uncle

A typical phrase defining the current situation would be, ‘young lion trying to kick the old lion out’. This seems to be what finally happened in the NCP, and the turmoil it caused in the politics of Maharashtra. For the Congress, the NCP is a good ally. As long as you do not get in […]

Major chaos in Maharashtra – Ajit Pawar resigns from Government, other NCP members also offer their resignations ..

In a sudden development that is not yet fully explained, the powerful Ajit Pawar, the nephew of Sharad Pawar has resigned from his post of Deputy Chief Minister, and following him, the other NCP ministers have also handed in their resignations (but not to the chief minister, instead to the state chief of the NCP). […]