The pressure on Maharashtra Chief Minister – Fadnavis

After the election of Narendra Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha, there were a number of elections that happened in various states, primarily Congress ruled ones. So, for example, the large states of Haryana, J & K and Maharashtra had the Congress as the ruling party (in alliance with major and minor partners) while Jharkand […]

The arrogance of politicians – Ajit Pawar makes a very arrogant remark

The way that the system is India is supposed to work is simple. People elect their representatives, who in turn elect their leaders until a Government is formed with ministers. The idea is that these people work for the benefit of citizens, implement policies that do good to people and most important, when people are […]

Building collapse in Thane, more than 70 people dead – Corruption as usual

This is one of the incidents that causes shame and shock, but the bigger shame for India is that we forget this soon after, and more important, do not learn any lessons from such an incident (I would never call this an accident, since this was almost like a deliberate step, with a series of […]