Sonia starts attacking Anna’s team over their own corruption, what a comparison ..

The Congress has never really accepted the attack made upon it by Anna Hazare, and from time to time, the Congress displays this unease and frustration with how easily it is being identified with corruption. However, till now it was primarily the one and only Digvijay Singh who was appointed as the main Congress attacker, […]

What exactly is happening in the case of the Jan Lokapal Bill ?

Ever since August, when Anna launched his fast, which was such a huge success in terms of getting the Government to move from not contemplating any changes in the Government version of the Lokpal bill, to a state where Parliament had accepted most of the propositions of Anna (without actually committing to the Bill). The […]

Of Games and Game Changers – Who are they and can anybody call themselves a Game Changer ?

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2 very eminent individuals arrived on the scene at the cusp of the Anna Hazare breakthrough. While their virtues cannot surely be doubted, what was visible was their penchant for the platform that […]