Indian economy – The problems for Chidambaram ….

Right now, the various credit rating agencies are probably the biggest saviors of the Indian economy, and are the only ones standing in the way of the ongoing destruction of fiscal principles (some would even call it the rape of the Indian economy) by the 2 UPA (chiefly Congress) Governments. But this is not something […]

Another huge hike in petrol – high taxes and then a claim of subsidy

It was somewhat predictable, and yet shocked everybody. The Government had adjourned the budget session of Parliament, there are no state elections coming in for many months, and so it seemed like a time when there will not be too many objections (in terms of a ruckus in Parliament). So, after stating for many months […]

Corruption in Central Government Schemes – where is the accountability, and what is the economic loss ?

In recent times, there has been a spate of news about wastage of funds from Central Government schemes. The Government has discovered the need to ensure that there is a lot of spending with regard to poverty alleviation in order to ensure that it seems to connect with the ‘aam admi’. Given the huge amount […]