Priyanka Gandhi and her campaign – positive or negative for Congress

For those who do not remember, in the initial years when it was not clear as to whether it would be Priyanka Gandhi or Rahul Gandhi who would be the heir apparent, the pendulum seemed to be swinging towards Priyanka Gandhi. And then suddenly, Rahul Gandhi came into the forefront, to be the heir apparent […]

More and more talk about the Congress getting tired of Manmohan Singh, but …

For a long time, Manmohan Singh was an asset to the Congress. He stood for the values of efficiency, being a technocrat, and most obviously, not being a politician. There was some amount of wonder at the problem about how he was going to handle the allies and other political problems that the Congress parties […]

Rahul Gandhi to take over a more important role in the Congress ?

A few days back, Salman Khurshid gave an interview to the media where he talked essentially about how Rahul Gandhi was not stepping up to properly guide the party for the future, about how it was required for him to ensure that he did not just restrict himself to his youth Congress role, and how […]